Madison Mayor reminds residents to clear snow from sidewalks

This week’s snow storm brought a lot of snow and a lot of work for both those who have been working on clearing streets and roads, and those who have had to clear their driveways and other areas of their property.  Madison Mayor Roy Lindsay provided a reminder during Thursday’s re-scheduled city commission meeting about the importance of city residents making sure that sidewalks on their property are clear as well. 

City officials have also encouraged residents to make sure that if there is a fire hydrant on their property, that they clear it out three feet in all directions.  They also remind people not to push or pull snow into roads or neighboring yards.  

Outside of city limits, the Lake County Highway Department is reminding public and private snow removal operators that it is illegal to place or dump excess snow from a property on the highway right of way, including driving surfaces, shoulders, and ditches.  This is a state law and violation of it is a Class One misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and a two-thousand dollar fine.   


January 6, 2023