Madison High School students take part in community projects
MHS students and staff help assemble outdoor furniture at Valiant Living. Photo courtesy of Madison Central School District.

During the first few months of the school year, Madison High School students have been involved in different projects in order to give back to the community.  High School Principal Adam Shaw talked with Madison Central School Board members during their meeting Monday about some of the things that students have been involved in so far this fall.  Shaw said that one of the projects involved a high school Ag class assembling furniture for an outside area at Valiant Living.

Shaw said that students in Student Council, National Honor Society, and Student Ambassadors also went out and raked leaves for some elderly residents in the city.  He said that 26 high school students from these groups raked six lawns in around two-and-a-half-hours.  Along with that, Shaw said that the National Honor Society students are taking part in special community-driven projects each month.

Shaw said that the high school is also bringing back the Humanity Launch program for students next week, thanks to a donation from Gene Phillips of Madison through the Madison Central School Educational Foundation.  

Shaw said that the program will be brought back in the spring as well to work specifically with the seniors.

He told school board members that there’s more to the students’ education than just curriculum, but that these community-driven activities and programs are important as well to get the students out and get them to be a part of the community. 


November 16, 2022