Madison firefighters responded to another late night fire on Tuesday night in Madison.  Fire Chief Randy Minnaert said that firefighters were called to a home in the 800-block of North Liberty Avenue in Madison for a report of a chimney fire just after 11:30 Tuesday night.  Minnaert said the fire started within the chimney from a fireplace that had been started earlier in the evening. He said that the fire toward the top of the chimney burned through and got into the attic of the home, where most of the damage was contained.  Minnaert said the family was able to stay in the home last night, but work will need to be done to replace rafters that were damaged in the attic area of the house. No one was injured in the fire, and along with the fire department, Madison Ambulance and Lake County Emergency Management were also on scene.  

Firefighters were on scene until around 1:30 this (Wednesday) morning.