Buying a blizzard treat or blizzard coupons at the Madison Dairy Queen this week can help out sick children and their families through the Children’s Miracle Network.  South Dakota Sweet Miracles is a new twist to what has been an annual event at the Madison DQ, but owner DeLon Mork said this year the COVID-19 pandemic changed things.  

With the lobby of the Dairy Queen still closed, Mork said that blizzard coupons can be purchased through South Dakota Sweet Miracles Day on Thursday, July 30th, in a number of ways, but in particular there will be a blizzard shed available for people to make their coupon purchases.  

Mork said the blizzard shed will be open from 3:00 until 7:00 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday this week and then all day on Thursday for blizzard coupon purchases.  But if someone wants to support the cause by buying blizzards on Thursday as part of South Dakota Sweet Miracles, Mork said the DQ will have something special set up for that as well.

Mork said people can also call in their blizzard orders to the Dairy Queen Thursday or use their mobile app and pick them up curbside in the parking lot.