Madison city crews continue storm cleanup

City of Madison crews are continuing to work on cleaning up storm tree debris from the May 12th storm.  The City Public Works Department said that their crews will go through all of the city once, and then will return for a second round of collection.  As residents continue to clean-up, they can continue to put their tree debris and construction storm debris in separate piles on their boulevards.  When city crews have all the tree debris cleaned up, they will then start going around to pick up the other construction storm debris.  The city reminds residents that this does not mean they will pick up any other items not related to the storm.  

City workers are also asking for residents to be patient if they have not gotten to them yet.

If residents want to dispose of their own debris from the storm, they can take construction debris to the Restricted Use site, located northwest of Junius.  The site is currently open weekdays and Saturday from 9:00 until Noon and from 1:00 until 4:00.  It will be closed on Monday, May 30th for the Memorial Day holiday.  Residents can also take tree debris to the Yard Waste site, located on 456th Avenue, just north of the city’s wastewater treatment plant. 

More information on the city’s storm clean up efforts can be found here.



May 27, 2022