Madison City Commission

A number of topics were discussed at the City Commission Meeting last night. One of the items was the new Restricted Use Site and how they wished to perform a Survey over the proposed space, which was approved.

They also discussed an addition to the new City Administrative Building, which was a fishing pond that was proposed to have a fishing dock built along with it in a partnership effort with the SD Dept. of Game, Fish, and Parks, which was approved.

Commissioners also discussed how The City of Madison recently received a notification from East River Electric that the transmission line serving the City’s Southeast

The substation is being upgraded in service voltage from 69 kV to 115 kV. Upgrades will be required to the City’s substation and associated transmission line to accommodate the new service voltage, which was approved.

Some concerns that the public brought forth were addressed, mostly regarding construction and how the rapid increase in construction projects is leading to some oversights in potential aid such as fire and ambulance services.

The next city Commission meeting will be on Monday, August 7th.