Madison City Commission approves resolution for 2023 sidewalk improvement project

Madison City Commissioners have approved a resolution of necessity for the city’s 2023 sidewalk improvement project.  This includes areas where new sidewalks will need to be installed, based on recommendations from the city’s sidewalk committee.  Commissioners held a hearing on the resolution during their meeting earlier this week, with a couple of letters from concerned residents acknowledged. Ryan Hegg, City Director of Engineering and Community Development, said that the deadline for the sidewalks to be installed is in July, but that they are able to grant extensions where necessary.

The areas included in the city’s 2023 sidewalk improvement project are Northwest 2nd Street from Highland to Farmer Avenue, and South Highland Avenue from Southwest 3rd Street south to the Madison Public Works building driveway.  It also includes Northeast 4th Street from North Washington to North Prairie Avenues, North Summit Avenue from Northeast Third to Northeast 4th Streets, and 222 North Chicago Avenue.  


December 23, 2022