Madison City Commission Approves New TIF and Childcare Facility

The Madison city Commission on Monday approved the creation of the 6th Tax Increment District in the city. Tax Increment Financing is a means of financing public improvements in a defined area, known as a Tax Increment District, or “TID”.

The new district covers property in the eastern side of the Industrial Park, including the Global Polymer expansion, the new Fox Promo building, and the site of the proposed Contractor Condos. The district will eventually send funds to the Lake Area Improvement Corporation, to be used to create a new childcare facility in Madison. 

Brooke Rollag, Executive Director of the Lake Area Improvement Corporation, said the LAIC has worked hard over the years to create jobs, and that now they are working to provide needed service to those workers. 

The Child Care Feasibility Study showed a need for new child care for no less than 100 children. Rollag said the funds created by the TID will be used to build the new facility, and help with ongoing expenses. 

The new 10,000 square foot facility is being planned for construction on the current Highland Tee Ball Diamond. A new field would eventually be built in the city to replace the Highland field. The location was chosen because it includes 6 acres of open space, and is located next to current parks, playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, as well as the Madison Aquatics Center. 

While no official timeline is yet set, the project could be underway by 2024.