The Madison Central School District is having a system installed in the district’s buildings to help purify the air and break down viruses and bacteria.  The Madison Central School Board on Monday approved a proposal from G&R Controls to install the system, which Superintendent Joel Jorgenson said will provide a large benefit to the district.

Jorgenson said that there are several school districts and universities installing these systems.  He said it’s a way to provide another layer of protection for the district’s students and staff.

Jorgenson said the proposed cost is close to 162-thousand dollars, which the district will pay for out of its capital outlay funds.  He said that other lower priority items will be moved to another year in order to pay for this system in this year’s budget.  Jorgenson said the system has a more than twelve year life expectancy, and should be able to be installed by mid-September. 

School Board president Tom Farrell said the system provides several different benefits.

Farrell said it is also nice to be able to have one solution that works for all of the district’s building systems.