The Madison Central School District has suspended its summer activities for the time being because a student has tested positive for COVID-19.  In a letter to parents, students, and coaches Wednesday afternoon, Superintendent Joel Jorgenson and Athletic Director Mike Ricke said the student’s positive test was confirmed on Wednesday, July 8th, but that the student had not been in the facility for a workout since July 1st.  They said the student did not have symptoms until July 7th.

The letter said the school district has been in contact with Madison Regional Health System and the state Department of Health.  The school district has records of the students who were in the infected student’s practice group and have called the parents of the students in the group.  

The Department of Health will be looking at all of the information and directly contacting the student who tested positive to gather additional information.  The letter stated that if needed, the Department of Health will make direct contact with anyone who they believe will need to self-monitor or quarantine.

According to the district’s guidelines regarding summer activities, the activities are suspended immediately and officials will continue to work with Madison Regional Health and the state to determine when it is appropriate to resume summer activities again for students and at what phase they will be able to re-start.