The Madison Central School District will start classes on Thursday at Level Two of the district’s Back to School plan.  At Level Two or “Yellow”, face coverings are required for both students and staff.  

The Madison Central School Board adopted a Back to School plan last month to address how school will be handled during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As part of the plan, the district is asking parents to screen their kids at home before sending them to school, and any child with a temperature of 100-point-four or greater in school will be sent home.  

In the Level Two part of the plan, the schools will reconfigure rooms to best accommodate social distancing, have all desks face the same direction and have table partitions where feasible.  Lunch, recess and time in the hallways will be staggered and students will be taught proper hygiene.  The district’s plan also outlines the cleaning protocols, food service, student activities, transportation, and access to facilities within each level. 

A link to Madison Central School District’s Back to School Plan