The Madison Central School District is also making some adjustments and taking steps to try to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the state.  In a letter to parents in the district on Thursday afternoon, Superintendent Joel Jorgenson said that at this point in time, Madison Central is suspending the use of the district’s facilities by outside groups and organizations until further notice.  

Jorgenson said Madison Central is also cancelling Parent-Teacher Conferences scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday.  He said that student progress reports will be sent home and that parents are encouraged to contact staff via a phone call if they would like to talk over additional information. 

Superintendent Jorgenson said in the letter also that the district is currently reviewing the district’s scheduled events or trips for students and staff and will make determinations on their participation or cancellation.  He said that people should expect to have most upcoming events “postponed, cancelled, or altered dramatically”.  

Jorgenson said in the letter that there are no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the school district, but they are “simply implementing additional precautionary steps” as they move forward.