The Madison Central School District has reported more positive COVID-19 cases within the district.  On Saturday, the district informed parents of two cases from within the same household.  The cases were reported to be in student or staff members in Madison Middle and High Schools.  Superintendent Joel Jorgenson said the school district is working with the state Department of Health to determine if there are any additional students who would be considered close contacts.  Parents of anyone considered a close contact will be notified by the school district and the state Department of Health.  

Also on Sunday, the district notified parents of two high school students or staff members who tested positive for COVID-19.  Jorgenson said that there were no close contacts in the school in either of these cases.  The same was true for a case reported last week by the district.  Jorgenson said that a district classified substitute who had tested positive for COVID-19 did not have any close contacts within any of the schools.  Jorgenson said that even though the cases didn’t involve any close contacts, they will still inform parents and guardians of any positive COVID-19 cases within the district.  

With these latest cases reported, the district has had sixteen total positive cases reported overall since early September.