Madison Central School District employees will receive some incentive pay as a way for the district to show its appreciation for the additional work they have been doing because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Madison Central School Board members on Monday approved Superintendent Joel Jorgenson’s recommendation of using some of the district’s COVID-19 funds for the incentives.  He said that everyone has been doing more this school year.

Jorgenson proposed giving each full-time employee 350-dollars and each part-time employee 175-dollars.  Business Manager Mitch Brooks said that they came up with the amounts based on the amount of money the district would have available for the incentives.  Jorgenson suggested giving the money either in Madison Chamber Mad Money so that it could be used locally, or as a stipend. The board supported the idea of utilizing Mad Money, including board member Lori Schultz.

Brooks said that there are 151 full-time and 25 part-time employees within the Madison Central School District.