The Madison Central School District now is the official owner of the block of property just south of Madison High School and Middle School. Madison Central School Board members on Monday approved a resolution authorizing Superintendent Joel Jorgenson and School Board president Tom Farrell to execute the closure on the property from Education Heights, LLC, which took place on Tuesday.  The property is the block where the former Madison Care and Rehabilitation building was located.  The school district approved a real estate purchase agreement for the property a year ago and paid a down payment of 150-thousand dollars, with the final payment to be made this month.  A demolition agreement with Education Heights was also approved by the school board last year for the removal of the structures on the property.  The district paid a down payment of 50-thousand dollars for the demolition.  

As part of Monday’s meeting, two bills for Education Heights were added to the school board’s agenda for approval.  Those included close to 599-thousand dollars for land purchase, and just more than 98-thousand dollars for land improvement.