The Madison Central School Board holds its regular monthly meeting later today (Monday).  The board will be meeting online using Zoom and it will be broadcast through a YouTube link.  

The board will conduct a hearing to consider the district’s proposed budget for 2020-2021.  That hearing will be held at 5:45, followed by the approval of the budget and property tax request.  

Also on the school board’s agenda are quotes for fuel purchases for the next year, and a shared agency agreement for the Madison Central School District food service program.  

The board will also canvas the results of the school board’s election from last week, and will consider the trade-in of a 2019 Gehl skid loader and the previously surplused broken-down payloader for a 2020 skid loader at no cost from Lake County International.  

Two executive sessions are scheduled for the end of today’s school board meeting.  The executive sessions will be held to discuss personnel and negotiations.  After those, the school board will consider the approval of the two-year administrative contracts.  

Today’s Madison Central School Board meeting begins at 5:30. 

Madison Central School Board agenda 

Link to Madison Central School Board meeting