The Madison Central School Board has approved the purchase of a coach bus to use for activities within the district.  Activities Director Mike Ricke presented a proposal for the bus during the school board’s meeting on Monday.  Ricke said that this fall, one of the district’s activity busses was involved in an accident which caused 14-thousand dollars in damage.  He said since that bus was considered totaled and not able to be used, along with added routes because of the pandemic, it has been hard to get students where they need to be going for activities. 

Ricke said that he was able to find a used 55-passenger coach bus through Las Vegas Bus Sales, which should cost the district just more than 64-thousand dollars.  

Ricke said that the district will pay for the bus to be delivered to Madison, and the Booster Club has agreed to pay to have the logo and wrap put on it.  He said that the district will finance the bus through First Bank and Trust in Madison with a five-year loan at three-and-a-half-percent interest.  Business Manager Mitch Brooks said the money to make the payments on this coach and a new mini-coach bus ordered this fall will come from the money the district receives for advertising in the high school gym.

Ricke said that the bus should be in and ready to be used starting after the Christmas break.