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Madison Central School Board approves Back to School plan

Madison Central Superintendent Joel Jorgenson addresses those attending a special school board meeting Tuesday

The Madison Central School Board approved it’s Back to School plan for the 2020-2021 school year during a special meeting on Tuesday.  The plan consists of four different levels or phases of what the status of school can be at depending on the level of risk and number of positive COVID-19 cases within the county or the district.  Level One (or the green level) is considered low to moderate risk with normal face-to-face instruction, precautionary procedures per local and state health recommendations, and the recommendation of face coverings.  Level Two (or yellow) is for if there is increased risk, where face-to-face instruction will continue, but with face coverings required.  Level Three (or red) of the plan is for if there is an increasing number of cases and a higher risk, and classes will then move to distance learning.  The fourth level is a transitional level for if the district has to move to Level Three and then transition back to a lower level.  Families can also opt to have their children utilize a completely online option, which will be provided by an outside vendor.  

Superintendent Joel Jorgenson sent information about the proposed plan to families in the district via e-mail on Monday, and during Tuesday’s meeting he briefly outlined some of the details of the different levels of the plan and how it affects multiple areas.  He said that the plan will be a living document that can be changed as the school year goes, but exactly at which level the school year will start on August 20th is not known at this point.

After presenting the plan, the board took community input on it from those in attendance.  Stacy Anderson supported the idea of making masks or face coverings a choice instead of a requirement for students.

One other person spoke against requiring masks, while another spoke in favor of it to help protect the students and the teachers.  

Justin Blessinger commended the school board for its work on the plan.

Board Vice-President Lori Schultz said she is relying on the medical professionals to help guide her decisions involving the district’s Back to School plan.

Board President Tom Farrell said that masks or face coverings will always be a tough and contentious issue for people, but he said that he thinks the plan addresses as much as it can at this time and is a good starting point.

Links to more information about the district’s Back to School Plan can be found here

Video of Madison Central School Board special meeting-July 28th, 2020

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