Madison City residents and businesses are being reminded of a city ordinance when it comes to snow removal.  Public Works Commissioner Kelly Johnson announced a reminder during Monday’s city commission meeting that it is against city ordinance for large amounts of snow to be pushed into a street or alley.  Johnson said that city snow removal crews had to deal with this, especially after the first significant snow event over the Thanksgiving holiday, and he said that it is not allowed under city ordinance. 

The ordinance states that “it shall be unlawful for the owner, occupant, or operator of a business, apartments, mobile home park, parking lot or other vacant space to blade, push, plow, blow, shovel, or deposit the snow from said area into the public street, avenue or alley” and/or onto a public boulevard.

Mayor Marshall Dennert asked about businesses like those downtown pushing snow off of sidewalks onto the street.  Johnson said that is allowable because they don’t have any other place to put it. 

More information on the city’s snow removal ordinances and regulations can be found through a banner link on our website at