Lewis & Clark Regional Water System considering expansion

The Lewis and Clark Regional Water System is considering expanding its reserve capacity and wants to know if it’s members are interested in participating.  Lewis and Clark Executive Director Troy Larson met with Madison City Commissioners Monday to discuss the expansion plans and get a feel for what the city’s interest in it may be. 

Larson said that unlike the rest of the water system project, which has been funded by federal and state money, as well as money from each member, the cost of the expansion would be completely paid by the members.

Larson told commissioners that the city could participate in the expansion and then sell the water in order to help recover some of it’s costs.

Larson said that based on recent levels of federal funding, Madison is estimated to be connected to the Lewis and Clark Regional Water System by late 2025.  

He said the Lewis and Clark Board of Directors will set a deadline of January of 2022 for members to formally decide if they want to be a part of the expansion.