The South Dakota Senate Wednesday passed a bill that tightens residency requirements to obtain an in-state hunting or fishing license. 

SB54 passed 33 to 0.

The sponsor, Democratic Sen. Liz Larson from Sioux Falls, said in-state licenses should be reserved for actual residents. She added that recreational vehicle owners with mailboxes in South Dakota would no longer be able to get resident game licenses.

Under the bill, the applicant must have been in South Dakota 90 days before the application and claim no other domicile to qualify for an in-state license. 

Indicators of residency are a South Dakota driver’s license and having vehicles registered in South Dakota. Being out of the state for more than 180 days, registering to vote in another state, or applying for another state’s driver’s license would be disqualifying. Larson said she brought the bill on behalf of the state Game, Fish, and Parks Department. 

The bill now goes to the House.