Legislative Bill’s Recap

With the legislative session in full swing There have been 382 bills introduced at this year’s legislative session with 190 House Bills and 192 Senate Bills. Some of the House Bills of note are: 


HB1175 which would Allow for the permanent reduction of taxes in South Dakota Brought by Chris Karr (R-Sioux Falls) it reads in its entirety, The sales tax reduction passed, but the Senate put a sunset on the reduction. 


As for Senate Bills there is SB164 which would lower the state sales tax rate on food to zero percent, and to increase certain gross receipts tax rates, excise tax rates, and use tax rates. 


There is also SB145 which would modify the amount of time to report an injury for workers compensation.Introduced by Reynold Nesiba (D-Sioux Falls) it modifies the time allowed to report an injury for work compensation purposes from the current limit of 3 business days from its occurrence to 15 business days.


There is also SB107 which would Prohibit the dissemination of materially deceptive media without disclosure and to provide a penalty. Introduced by Senator Dave Johnson (R-Rapid City), the bill makes it illegal to disseminate materially deceptive materials (AI) unless it is labeled as such.


The Legislative Session continues today which is the 13th day of 38.