Residents of Lake County joined the rest of South Dakota in their support for incumbents, and their rejection of a ballot measure in Tuesday’s primary election. 

77 percent of Lake County Republicans voted for U.S. Senator John Thune. Thune easily won the election over primary challengers Bruce Whalen and Mark Mowry. Whalen received 14 percent of the vote in the county, and Mowry just 7 percent. 

Lake County Republicans also support Congressman Dusty Johnson, who won his primary challenge against Taffy Howard. Johnson received 66 percent of the vote in the county. 

In the race for governor, Kristi Noem picked up 74 percent of the vote in the county. Noem defeated challenger Steven Haugaard on Tuesday. 

And Lake county voters joined the rest of the state in soundly voting down Constitutional Amendment C. 70 percent of Lake county voters said no to the proposed amendment.