Lake County to install rumble strips on two county roads

Lake County Commissioners this week approved the type of rumble strips that will be installed on a couple of county roads.  Previously, commissioners authorized Highway Superintendent Nels Nelson to move forward with the rumble strip project on 464th Avenue from Highway 34 south to the county line and also 463rd Avenue from Highway 34 north to 234th Street.  Nelson told commissioners what the state Department of Transportation recommended for the types of strips to be installed.

Commissioners approved the use of edgeline rumble strips along both stretches of the county roads included in the project.  They also approved the use of transverse rumble strips, or strips that go across the road, at the stop controlled intersections of both 463rd and 464th Avenues and Highway 34.  The transverse strips will also be used on 464th Avenue just before the curve in the road at the county line.  

Nelson said at an earlier meeting that the state DOT’s Local System Rumble Strip Project that these areas will be included in is federally funded. 

Commission Administrative Officer Shelli Gust also reported to commissioners Tuesday that the state DOT re-bid the county pavement markings, or striping, projects for this area again with an extended completion date of August of 2022.  This time, Gust said that the state received three bids for the project and the county will receive more information regarding when the work will be able to be completed in Lake County.  Nelson previously told commissioners that the state didn’t receive any bids for the project due to a shortage of the traffic paint needed to do the projects this summer.