Lake County Reviews Financing for County Roads

Lake County Commissioners heard from Administrative Officer Shelli Gust during their regular meeting on Tuesday. Gust reviewed some financing information, as well as some pavement condition reports of Lake County paved roads. Currently, over 40 percent of paved roads in the county are rated in good, or better condition. Just under 25 percent of roads were rated as marginal, with recommendations for major rehab. Five percent of the roads were rated as poor. 

Gust said that currently, the report shows a low backlog for the country roads. 

She adds that, with current funding levels, the report shows that backlog growing in five years. 

The report indicates that to keep a steady Pavement Condition Index of 63, with a backlog of 20 percent, would require funding at an annual level of 3.95 million dollars. To maintain a target PCI of 67 with a backlog of 16 percent, would require annual funding at a level of 5.23 million dollars.