One Lake County homeowner who lost her home in the September flooding expressed her frustration to county commissioners this week.  Rosee Hansen, whose home is located near Lake Herman, told commissioners during their “Community Comments” portion of their meeting, that she can’t go back to her home now because it is full of black mold from the water.  Hansen said she’s frustrated because this is the second time this year she’s expressed her concerns to commissioners. 

Hansen said that insurance adjusters told her after her home flooded this spring that it was a direct result of tiling, and asked for the high water mark for Lake Herman.  She said she went to several different county departments to find that information, but was not able to get an answer until she talked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  That’s where she said she also learned more of a study that was done after the flood of 1993.

Hansen told commissioners that she is simply looking for how not just she, but all Lake County residents, can get some answers.

Hansen said that she wants direction from the commission, and answers, instead of being told that it’s “the state’s problem”.   

Because Hansen addressed commissioners during their “Community Comments” portion of the meeting, they are not required to make any comment or take any action on Hansen’s concerns during the meeting.