Lake County Holding Town Hall Next Week for Roads and Bridges

The Lake County commission will hold another Town Hall meeting next week, regarding funding for county roads and bridges. Over the past weeks, the commissioners have been reviewing the recently completed Pavement Management Report.

The report shows that currently, over 40 percent of paved roads in the county are rated in good, or better condition. Just under 25 percent of roads were rated as marginal, with recommendations for major rehab. Five percent of the roads were rated as poor. 

It also indicates that to maintain the current Pavement Condition Index, with a backlog of 16 percent, would require annual funding at a level of 5.23 million dollars. 

The upcoming meeting will be held Tuesday, May 30th, at 6pm in the Lake County Commission room. The Meeting will involve a discussion regarding the need for a potential opt out, or road and bridge levy in Lake County.

Residents will have an opportunity to review information from county officials about county finances and the costs to provide public services. Commissioners will have the chance to engage residents and receive feedback.