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Lake County Commission receives bridge inspection report

Lake County Commissioners received a report on the county’s bridge system during their meeting on Tuesday.  

Mark Junker, a Professional Engineer with Banner Associates, conducted the inspection on the county’s bridges this summer.  Junker said the county currently has 51 bridges, with 34 of them being box culverts.  

Junker told commissioners that the three bridges that the county has replaced in the last couple of years have eliminated all of the weight restrictions on county asphalt roads.  He said that the county has replaced ten bridges in the last two decades. 

Junker had some recommendations for the county as far as repairs and maintenance that needs to be done on some of its bridges.

Junker anticipated that there would be three bridges on township gravel roads that would need major work done within the next ten years, and one on a county asphalt road that would need work within the next fifteen years.   

He said that he met with the county’s Highway Superintendent also Tuesday morning to go through the bridge inspection report in more detail.

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