The Lake County Commission holds its regular meeting on Tuesday.  Appointments on the agenda for county commissioners include Highway Department Foreman Tim Tolley and Office Manager Debbie Rowley at 9:10 a.m. to discuss the Highway Department’s five-year Highway & Bridge Improvement Plan, resolution and plan certification.  Madison City Engineer Chad Comes will meet with commissioners at 9:20 tomorrow morning to discuss the Madison City’s Section 22 U-S Army Corps of Engineers follow up study, and Buildings and Grounds Superintendent Dave Hare at 9:30 regarding fire alarm proposals.  

The commission will also meet with Toby Morris of Dougherty & Company LLC regarding the TID #5 resolution for a developers agreement.  That’s at 9:40 Tuesday morning, followed by the first reading of an ordinance establishing a speed zone on a part of 241st Street near Chester.  Commissioners will conduct interviews for the Highway Superintendent position in executive session at 11:00 Tuesday morning.  

The Lake County Commission meeting on Tuesday begins at 9:00 a.m. in the commission room in the Lake County Courthouse in Madison.