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Lake County Commission hears group’s 4-H grounds concerns

Representatives of the Lake County 4-H Livestock Committee met with Lake County Commissioners on Tuesday to discuss some additions and improvements they are proposing for the county’s 4-H grounds.  Those include a lean-to and expansion of the smaller show ring on the grounds.  Ryan Kappenman spoke on behalf of the Livestock Committee and told commissioners that they don’t want to make the investment and move forward with the improvements to the grounds unless some of the rules for using the grounds are changed.

Earlier in Tuesday’s meeting, commissioners approved a request from the Madison Central FFA to hold an event at the 4-H grounds later this month.  That approval came with several conditions, including that the county would not move snow on the grounds, and no parking would be allowed on the grass if the grounds were too wet or soft.  The county’s Buildings and Grounds Superintendent would also have the authority to cancel the event due to the condition of the grounds. 

Kappenman said that there are different events that aren’t held in Lake County any more because of the amount of rules put into place on the 4-H grounds.

Mike Clarke and Corey Johnke both commented that they have had problems with holding pig sales at the grounds because of the conditions put into place and the fact that it isn’t good for their business to plan for a sale and then not be able to hold it at the last minute because of the conditions of renting the grounds.  Clarke said he held his sale in another county last year because of it. 

Commissioner Aaron Johnson said that weather seems to be one of the main issues and that he sees the need for cooperation and improvement.  

Commissioners agreed to postpone the discussion on the grounds until their April 6th meeting in order to gather more information. 

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