The Lake County Commission met yesterday to take care of some of the county’s year-end business for 2023.  

Commissioners approved a contingency transfer resolution, which transfers money from the county’s contingency fund to help cover several departments’ budget shortfalls for 2023 with a total of 37 thousand dollars.

A couple of the departments where contingency funds had to be used were the County Jail.  $1,580 of contingency was transferred to the Jail budget regarding Female Services for the jail. A total of $14,317 of contingency was sent to Elections for things like paying workers, Repairs & Maintenance, and Publishing. The Coroners department also received $8,443 for liability insurance, supplies, and professional services. $13,273 was sent to the Zoning Department for the planning district.


They also assigned funds regarding derecho damage with the Road & Bridge Fund in the amount of $84 thousand dollars, the EMA Fund in the amount of $4,000, and the Building fund in the amount of $2,700.


The next county commission meeting will be on January 2nd, 2024 at 9:00 AM in the County Commission Room in the Lake County Courthouse.