The Lake County Commission met Monday to take care of some of the county’s end of year business items.  

Commissioners approved a resolution supplementing the county’s 2019 budget for just more than 279-thousand dollars for the county’s road and bridge budget.  

Auditor Bobbi Janke said that the road and bridge budget needed to be supplemented to cover the professional services needed for two bridges that needed work immediately following the flood event in September.  

Commissioners also approved a resolution for an operating transfer of 20-thousand dollars to the county’s Emergency Management Fund, and approved an automatic budget supplement for the county’s Sheriff’s Department.  

After an executive session scheduled to discuss pending litigation, county commissioners voted to accept a settlement offer with Avera Health for a total of just more than 76-thousand dollars to settle seventeen Lake County welfare appeals.  With that action, the commission then approved the county’s year-end accounts payable report and contingency transfer resolution.  

Also as part of Monday’s year-end business meeting for county commissioners, they voted to accept sponsorship of the Hazard Mitigation grant program.  Commission Administrative Officer Shelli Gust said that so far no residents had contacted the county interested in pursuing a Hazard Mitigation grant program application, but if one did, then the county would need to be a sponsor for that individual.