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Lake County Commission approves several personnel items

The Lake County Commission acted on several personnel items during its regular meeting on Tuesday.

Commissioners approved a status change for one county employee.  Human Resource Specialist Shelli Gust said that the county had received internal applications for the Community Health Nurse Office Manager position, and recommended Alyssa Lux for the position.  Lux previously worked in the county Auditor’s Office as a Deputy Auditor.  The commission approved Lux’s hiring as the Community Health Nurse Office Manager at a rate of $16.94 an hour, effective June 28th.  Gust will now advertise for the Deputy Auditor II vacancy.

Commissioners Tuesday also approved the hiring of a new Correctional Officer for the Sheriff’s Office and Jail.  Thomas Mallett will start in the position on July 12th at a rate of $16.25 an hour.  Commissioners also approved the resignation of Braxton Hofman as a Correctional Officer, effective July 11th.

The county Highway Department is looking for a Heavy Equipment Operator.  Commissioners on Tuesday approved the resignation of Sam Boecker from the position, effective July 15th, and authorized the advertisement for it.

The county will also be advertising for a full-time 911 Communications Dispatcher position.  911 Communications Director April Denholm asked that commissioners approve the full-time position in place of another part-time position.  

Also within the 911 Communications Department, commissioners approved a status change for Dispatcher Jennifer Miller.  The change is from a Certified Level One to Certified Level Two Dispatcher at a rate of $16.71 an hour, effective June 28th. 

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