The Lake County Commission met Tuesday, and took action on some personal items. Two new hires, Nathaniel Radford as a Heavy Equipment Operator, and Callie Hartung as a part time Correctional Officer. They also approved the retirement of Paula Ullom the Deputy Register of Deeds. 

Commissioners also increased the pay for Deputy Coroners to $150 per call. Commission Administrative Officer Shelli Gust said the budget should be able to afford the pay increase.


The Fireworks Display for Village Creek Days was approved which is planned for 7/29/23. They also approved Malt Beverage applications contingent on taxes and payments being made. 

The county will be holding a Special Meeting at 6:00 PM tonight at the Hillside located at 46042 238th St, Wentworth, SD. There they will be discussing a potential opt out or road and bridge levy in Lake County. For more information on the Lake County Commission visit their website