LAIC purchases land on west side of Madison

The Lake Area Improvement Corporation has purchased land west of Highway 81 on the west side of Madison.  The 67-point-six-acres of land is located along Highway 81 going north out of Madison, and ends at 9th Street.  The LAIC does not have a specific plan for the land currently, but are hoping to facilitate development that aligns with its current initiatives of housing and a community daycare facility.

LAIC Executive Director Brooke Rollag said that this land could be offered to interested developers or be available for workforce housing.  She said that if the land is used for housing, there could be opportunities for businesses along the highway to serve as a buffer between the residential area and traffic.  Rollag said the northern portion of the property could also benefit the City of Madison by assisting with water retention, which would help with flood mitigation.  She said the LAIC plans to work closely with the city to engage the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to identify flood mitigation opportunities.  

Rollag presented a proposal to Madison City Commissioners last week to trade a portion of city land with a piece of land in the newly acquired property.  The LAIC is proposing a daycare facility near the Madison Aquatic Center where a small baseball diamond is currently located.  Rollag said the LAIC could replace the park space where they want to locate the daycare facility with some in the newly acquired land where housing is likely to exist in the future.    


January 9, 2023