Runnings Store Manager Mike Larson and LAIC Executive Director Brooke Rollag

The Lake Area Improvement Corporation held its annual meeting Thursday, highlighting some of the achievements of the past year and looking forward to future projects.  

LAIC Executive Director Brooke Rollag said that more housing projects have been underway in the city of Madison.

Rollag said that the Lake County Commission has also approved zoning for three new housing developments near Lake Madison.  

She said that in order to continue moving forward with meeting the area’s housing needs, the LAIC is having an updated housing study done this year.

Rollag also told those in attendance at Thursday’s meeting that the LAIC is receiving an American Rescue Plan Act (or ARPA) grant through Lake County that will be used for eligible expenses for the creation of a daycare facility.  She said that the LAIC has engaged in a partnership and is seeking to purchase private property for a facility.  

Rollag also talked about the available property in the Lakeview Industrial Park, and a new water tower that is being located there that is expected to be completed in 2023.  

She said that the new senior living facility project is moving forward near Madison Regional Health System, and a groundbreaking is scheduled for July.  

Rollag said that many businesses have also been taking advantage of money to improve their storefronts through the Downtown Facade Program.

Rollag also announced the LAIC’s 2021 Growth and Achievement Award winner during Thursday’s meeting.  Runnings was presented the award, which highlights a local business’ job growth, leadership, and achievement. 




June 24, 2022