House Committee Passes Bill Regarding Medical Marijuana

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder would be added to the list of ailments medical providers could prescribe medical marijuana.

The House Health and Human Services Committee Tuesday passed Senate Bill-1 on an 8-to-5 vote after about an hour and a half of testimony and discussion.

The bill also removes the state Department of Health from decision-making for which disorders medical cannabis can be used.  If passed, the measure would allow the legislature to add or subtract a diagnosis from medical marijuana usage.

Most of the discussion centered on PTSD.  Becky Letsche of Madison, a former Army combat medic in Afghanistan, talked about her battle with P-T-S-D.

Opponents thought it was bad public policy and unsupported by science, including former state Senator David Omdahl of Sioux Falls. 

The bill now goes to the House for final consideration.