Homecoming week at Oldham-Ramona, Rutland, and Howard Schools

A few area schools are celebrating homecoming this week.

Oldham-Ramona and Rutland will both have homecoming activities going on throughout this week.  Coronation for homecoming royalty at Rutland is Monday at 7:00 p.m.  Homecoming royalty candidates at Rutland are Brianna Primm, Rylie Aschmeller, Colton Wicks, Josie Timm and Isaiah Thunder. 

Coronation of homecoming royalty at Oldham-Ramona will be held on Tuesday night in Oldham, starting at 7:00 p.m.  Royalty candidates at Oldham-Ramona are Joe Brinkman-Wall, Triston Corbin, Clint Misar, Jaden Thompson-Gartner, Evan McKee, Mackenzie Shankey and Maddy Eich.  

A homecoming parade for Oldham-Ramona and Rutland will be held on Friday afternoon at 1:30 in Rutland.  The parade starts at the school in Rutland and goes down Main Street.  A pep rally will be held after the parade and the homecoming football game has ORR playing Arlington/Lake Preston, with the junior high game starting at 4:30 and the varsity game at 7:00 on Friday night.

Howard Schools are also celebrating homecoming this week.  Coronation of homecoming royalty at Howard will be held Monday at 8:00.  Homecoming royalty candidates for Howard include Kieffer Klinkhammer, Lane Miller, Tisyn Spader, Jaxon Kampshoff, Kenedy Koepsell, Emma Neises, Abigail Connor, and Saddie Palmquist.  

Howard is also holding its Tiger Olympics on Thursday afternoon, and a homecoming parade on Friday at 1:30.  Howard’s homecoming football game Friday night is against Irene-Wakonda.