Governor says residents are helping ‘bend the curve’

Governor Kristi Noem had some encouraging news to share during her daily news conference on Wednesday.  Even as the number of positive COVID-19 cases continues to grow by larger amounts each day, Noem said that data is showing that residents in the state for the most part are doing what they should be doing to help bend the curve.

Noem said the state is estimating the Sioux Falls area to hit its peak in mid-May now, and the rest of the state by sometime in June.  

The governor said she still is having everyone over prepare and plan in order to be ready if things change.  Noem said that residents need to continue to do what they can to keep them and their families safe and healthy.

Noem also encourages people to download and use the CARE-19 app, which tracks where a person has been and will help determine who a person has had contact with in the event that that person tests positive for COVID-19. 

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