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Governor Noem addresses state’s financial situation during pandemic

Governor Kristi Noem addressed the state’s financial situation during her daily briefing on Thursday.  She said she won’t know March sales tax numbers until the first week of May, but she is anticipating substantial decreases in sales tax revenue because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Noem said that the state has received one-point-two-five-billion dollars from Congress to use for COVID-19 relief, but she is frustrated that the money cannot be used to cover the state’s revenue losses.   


Noem said that is not a conservative approach, and she warns of widespread cuts if the state isn’t able to use some of the federal money to make up for dramatic drops in sales taxes and other revenue due to the economic impact of the coronavirus.


Also during Thursday’s briefing, Governor Noem addressed farmers and ranchers in the state.  She said that they have had to deal with extreme weather situations and other hardships recently, and now the effects of the coronavirus is causing additional stress and worry.


Noem said that there are several resources available on the state’s website – – and she encouraged farmers to utilize them and reach out for help if needed.  


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