Governor Kristi Noem said in a letter that Cyber Security is looking to be South Dakota’s Next Big Industry with around 4,000 jobs added in the past five years, she also spoke on the state’s top Cyber Security school DSU.


“South Dakota already has one of the top universities in the nation for cybersecurity and emerging technology. Dakota State University has received designations in cyber operations, cyber defense, and cyber research from the NSA and Homeland Security. There are only ten institutions in the entire country that can say that.”


DSU was the first school in America to create a Ph.D. program in cyber operations. Earlier this year Dakota State University established an Educational Partnership Agreement with the U.S. Army Cyber Command. This partnership allows students to experience work and educational opportunities at the top classification level.DSU was the only school in America to send four students to compete for Team USA at the World Cyber Games. Governor Noem also spoke more on the Career Opportunities that DSU provides.

Governor Noem said “Dakota State University is giving students the kind of career opportunities that they can’t get anywhere else. These opportunities not only encourage our kids to stay in South Dakota to earn their college degree, they also put our state on the map and attract students from across America to choose South Dakota for their education.”