Governor Kristi Noem announced Monday that 200-million dollars in federal coronavirus relief funds will be available for city and county governments in the state.  It will be through the new Local Government COVID Relief Fund, and the amount available to each government entity is based on its population according to current U.S. Census data.  

The City of Madison’s allocation is just more than one-point-six-million dollars, and Lake County is eligible for just more than 845-thousand dollars. 

Noem said that this is the first step in helping local governments with COVID-19 expenses. 

Noem said this 200-million dollars for city and county governments is part of the one-point-two-five-billion dollars the state received through the federal CARES Act.  

She said that local governments will have to go through a reimbursement process to receive the money, which she is hopeful will help them out.

Noem said that the state could feel more of the economic impact of COVID-19 for the months and years ahead.

More information on the Local Government COVID Relief Fund can be found on the state’s website –