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Gosmire sentenced on burglary and theft charges

A 41-year-old Madison man has been sentenced to serve time in the state penitentiary on burglary and theft charges.  Jacob Gosmire was sentenced this week in Lake County Circuit Court on two counts of third degree burglary and two counts of petty theft that he had earlier pleaded guilty to as part of a plea agreement.  

On one of the Third Degree burglary charges, Circuit Judge Pat Pardy sentenced Gosmire to serve five years in the state penitentiary.  The judge suspended one year of the sentence based on several conditions, some of which included that he pay restitution and costs of more than 20-thousand dollars and re-pay his court-appointed attorney’s fees.  Judge Pardy waived any additional fines or court costs on the charge and gave Gosmire credit for 158 days he had already served. 

The judge sentenced Gosmire to the same amount of penitentiary time on the second Third Degree burglary charge, with similar conditions, and ordered that the sentences be served concurrently.   

On one of the Petty Theft charges, Judge Pardy sentenced Gosmire to serve a year in the county jail, suspending all but 158 days of the sentence on several conditions, including restitution.  Gosmire also was sentenced to serve 158 days in the county jail on the other Petty Theft charge, with credit for days already served.  

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