Five Legislative Days Left in Session in Pierre

With five legislative days left in the session, four of them this week, the big question in Pierre is if South Dakotans will get a tax cut? And if they do, what form will it take?

There are several choices and combinations on the table. From 0.3 percent sales tax cut, to a property tax reduction. 

The Senate will take the first attempt this afternoon to hammer out an agreement with HB 1137. It would reduce the general sales tax from 4.5% to 4.3%.

Gov. Noem says she wants the sales tax off food, and has even threatened to veto the state budget if she doesn’t get it. 

The House today is scheduled to debate whether to concur on Senate changes to a bill funding a new state health lab. They will also consider Senate changes in a bill on how practitioners can prescribe medical cannabis, and a bill clarifying which ailments qualify for medical marijuana. 

Besides the sales tax bill today, the Senate will also consider a bill that would ensure women are not held criminally liable if they have an abortion. 

The Legislature meets today through Thursday. Veto day is Monday, March 27.