FEMA provides $3M to the City of Madison for flood damage repair

FEMA is awarding more than three-million dollars in public assistance funding to the City of Madison for repairs to the Park Creek embankment system.  The assistance is available under a major disaster declaration issued in November of 2019.  

The city of Madison has been awarded one-point-nine million dollars to repair damage from heavy rains and flooding to the historic drainage channels and stone wall embankment located at Memorial Park, and to mitigate potential future damage to the drainage channel system.  The city is also receiving one-point-one-million dollars to restore the stone wall embankment from Egan to Harth Avenues back to its pre-disaster function and capacity. 

The funding is provided through FEMA’s Public Assistance Grant Program which reimburses state, tribal, local, and certain non-profit agencies for a portion of the repair, hazard mitigation measures, and rebuilding of public infrastructure damaged as a result of a presidentially declared disaster.

The program provides at least a 75-percent funding share for eligible costs. Remaining costs are the responsibility of the state and local applicants for assistance.