As the temperatures drop, the furnace becomes the most important appliance in the home.  Anyone who may have had a furnace damaged by the severe storms, tornadoes and flooding between September 9th and 26th should contact FEMA, even if they have already made repairs or purchased a replacement.  FEMA can also help with wells and septic systems impacted by the disaster.

Lake County residents can talk with FEMA representatives about this and other needs or repairs they may need help with at the Disaster Recovery Center on South Highland Avenue in Madison.  

Representatives from FEMA and the Small Business Administration met with Madison City Commissioners during their meeting on Monday.  They said that as of Friday, 263 Lake County residents had registered for disaster assistance. They said the Disaster Recovery Center will remain open in Madison as long as there is activity of people needing assistance.  The deadline to register for FEMA’s individual disaster assistance is January 17th.  

Three more Disaster Recovery Centers are open this week in Brookings, McCook, and Hutchinson counties.  Another three will be open next week in Moody, Hanson, and Charles Mix counties.