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Energy alert extended for City of Madison and area consumers

The City of Madison’s Electric Department has extended its energy alert for city electric consumers until further notice.   The city is extending its initial energy alert at the request of the Southwest Power Pool.  

As part of the energy alert, city consumers are asked to conserve or limit energy usage until further notice to assist in controlling the peak demand on the city’s power system.

Due to the widespread and extreme cold weather conditions, the Southwest Power Pool is asking for electric conservation to avoid brown-outs or black-outs.

Chris Studer with East River Electric Power Cooperative said that the power pool, of which they are a member, is seeing heavy demand.

Studer said that all electric customers can help by cutting back or delaying power use.

Studer said if they can’t roll back the demand, it could lead to power outages.

Northwestern Energy is also a member of the Southwest Power Pool and is asking its customers also to reduce their energy usage to help prevent the need to mandate rolling blackouts like those already occurring in places like Texas. 

Tips for reducing energy use include:  turning down thermostats to 68-degrees or lower; turning off and unplugging non-essential lights and appliances; avoiding using large appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and washing machines; and delaying taking showers or baths until peak demand for energy drops.



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