Election Signs Not Allowed in State Right-of-Way

As the general election draws closer, the state Department of Transportation has a reminder about political campaign signs.  Signs for political campaigns and ballot issues cannot be placed on state highway rights-of-way.  

Craig Smith, DOT Director of Operations, said that illegal signs create a safety hazard and may distract motorists from seeing important regulatory or directional signage. 

The use of right-of-way is reserved for official highway signage. All signs in the right of way that are not required for traffic control, as authorized by law, are prohibited and will be removed by state DOT crews as they see them or when reported. 

Municipal ordinances regulating placement and removal of campaign signs within towns and cities do not have precedence over state jurisdiction and supervision of state highway rights of way within municipalities. 

More information on sign placement guidance can be found on the SDDOT website at https://dot.sd.gov/inside-sddot/forms-publications/brochures.




September 28, 2022