East River Electric holds annual meeting

East River Electric Power Cooperative held its annual meeting last week.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person attendance at the meeting was limited and a livestream viewing option was available.  The meeting highlighted the many ways that East River is working together with its member systems to ensure that it’s regional efforts are in sync with the

needs of its membership as well as to continue delivering on the cooperative network’s strong history of providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity. 

The cooperative’s Eminent Service Award was presented during the meeting.  This year’s award went to former Mid-West Electric Consumers Association Executive Director Bill Drummond.  The Eminent Service Award is the most prestigious honor given by East River’s Board of Directors. 

East River Electric Board Director Ervin Fink was presented with East River’s 20-year service award for his 20 years of service to the cooperative’s board. As a member-owner of Douglas Electric Cooperative, Fink serves as the representative for Douglas Electric on the East River board of directors and has served on the local Douglas Electric board for 34 years.