DSU’s LCA Club Earned Multiple Awards at 54 Film Festival

This Spring for their film Agent 54, Dakota State’s Lights Camera Action Club (LCA) earned multiple awards from the 54 Film Festival.

Associate Professor in the College of Arts & Sciences, Joe Staudenbaur spent the past four years guiding the students through the fundamentals of filmmaking from a technical perspective. He said that, “They have incredible talent. Watching them put together stories and develop their cinematography skills is fascinating.” 

He noted their resourcefulness and passion in creating films with limited equipment compared to students from larger programs. In addition to entering film festivals, the students also worked on the Sioux Falls show Late Night Boomin’, where they were praised for their professionalism and skill.

The 54 Film Festival gives participants 54 hours to make and submit a film. As the group worked in post-production, they competed in a subcategory, 5+4, which gave them nine days to complete the film.

With a spy theme, the group created a short comedy spy film, just five minutes long, to fit the rules of the competition. The film follows Agent 54, an anxious secret agent, in a training mission to stop a corrupt corporation from unleashing performance-enhancing drugs into the world.

The group earned several awards for their film. Full list of awards can be found below.  


Best of categories:

  • Best Student Directing
  • Best Trailer
  • Best Visual Effects
  • Best Student Visual Effects
  • Best Student Production Design
  • Best Student Wardrobe
  • Best Use of Music
  • Student Use of Genre

Runner up categories:

  • Best Student Film
  • Best Production Design
  • Best Wardrobe
  • Best Student Editing
  • Best Student Sound Design
  • Best Student Cinematography
  • Best Use of Line
  • Best Student Use of Line
  • Best Student Use of Curveball
  • Best Student Use of Elements